7 Reasons Cats Hate Vets

Cats need regular veterinary care but my cats hate going to the vet. How can I make it easier?

There are top reason cat owners should know :

7 Reasons Cats Hate Vets

Crate Expectations. 

Cats learn very quickly to recognize cause-and-effect. The appearance of the cat carrier prompts kitty disappearing acts if used only for vet visits.

Car Rides. 

Reasons Cats Hate Vets

While humans see out windows and know what’s happening, the cats-eye-view from the carrier offers movement without warning. Odd sounds and being in a strange environment raises cat blood pressure and might even prompt motion sickness. Refer to car ride training tips later in this chapter.

Scary Smells. 

Reasons Cats Hate Vets

Cats experience life through their nose. The unfamiliar scent of the hospital—antiseptic, strangers, other animals—can ramp up kitty fright factor. Then when your cat returns home, the odd clinic smells cling to his fur and can make it hard for feline buddies to welcome him home.

Strange Pets. 

7 Reasons Cats Hate Vets

Nothing turns cats into hiss-terical claw-monsters like barking dogs or meowing stranger cats. When confined inside the carrier, your frightened cat can’t flee, so the fight-or-flight instinct leaves few options. She may redirect her fear aggression on the nearest target—you, or the vet staff.

Cold Table. 

While cats may hate getting into the carrier, being dumped on a cold, slick metal table elevates the “strangeness” of the experience. After all, Kitty-Boy’s preferred lounging spots are the windowsill with a view, the soft top of the sofa, or a table underneath a warm lamp.

Weird People. 

The vet and clinic staff love animals, but to your cat, they’re from Mars. Maybe they wear uniforms and smell like dogs (spit!), and don’t ask permission to pet. The cat might be handled by several different strangers who stink of other pets’ fear—the vet tech for temperature or stool sample, for example, and later the veterinarian.

Rude Handling. 

Having a cold thermometer inserted into kitty nether regions is no way to make friends. Needle sticks for vaccinations aren’t much fun, either, but are necessary. The veterinarian and staff often need to hurry the exam along. Cats want and need to be romanced and wooed to gift us with their affection.

7 Reasons Cats Hate Vets

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