Cats are constantly meow

Cats – very capricious and stubborn animals, no wonder they say that they walk by themselves. Unlike the dog the cat is not so much depends on the person fails to comply unconditionally all his wishes and orders. So it happens that the manners and habits of cats cause resentment owners, if they do not fit with their ideas on how to behave as a pet.   In addition, some cat breeds are vindictive, and if you do it with something hurt, then she can take revenge. If you are wondering how to wean your cat to do something bad, it is best, of course, begin to educate her at an early age. During this period, eradicate bad habits easiest cats.   Up to the year, maximum two, the nature of the animal has not been formed completely; you need all the time to watch the kitten, and not so much to wean how to correct his behavior. But even if you are the owner of an adult cat with bad habits, do not give up hope too soon, everything is possible, the main thing to know what to do and in what situation.

Cats are constantly meow

Many owners complain that their cat meows often. And it’s not just “talk”, namely, bothersome, annoying sounds. If the animal does not ill, not in the period of estrus (cats), heat or pregnancy (cat), it is also meow can safely be counted in the bad habits of cats. The reason usually the owners themselves, who encouraged cat soothed and caressed as she plaintively “crying”. Of course, it is very difficult to resist when your pet much meows, plus there is always the possibility that he has something hurts. But it can also lead to such negative consequences as developed instincts.

If the cat meows at night, most likely it is alone. Perhaps you have been paying less attention to it and, for example, she spent the whole day alone, slept, and at night again received less affection, because you are tired, goes to sleep. When it is just beginning, it is important not to succumb to feelings of guilt, otherwise the cat will quickly realize that meowing for some time, it still gets what he wants, and starts doing it all the time.

It is also often the case that your cat screaming wake the hosts in the morning, demanding to feed them, and it also worked out a bad habit! It is not necessary that your pet is so hungry for the night, which an urgent needs to give him food once stood up out of bed. Better to wait, even if it is very loud meows, and later to feed the animal, for example, before going to work. In this case, you will avoid early rises due to the cats on the weekends, and this in the future will also help you to wean the cat meowing when it needs food, not necessarily in the morning, but in general.


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