Stopping Your Cat from Biting

Cats bite for a variety of reasons. It’s important to understand why if you want to stop it. These training methods will end the bad behavior.

 Cats’ mouths have many bacteria that can cause infections through bites. Simple facts that could stop your cat from biting:

  • Preferably, do not touch or pet your cat’s belly. It makes it feel defenseless and it could bite you.
  • Petting could over-stimulate your cat and it could bite you. Be careful to notice warning signals like any tail lashing or stoppage of purring.
  • Spend sufficient time with your cat and try to understand it. Cats become aggressive on hearing loud noises. Do not startle your cat, as it could lash out and bite in self-defense.
  • Avoid leaving your cat alone and unattended for long periods.
  • Bored cats turn aggressive and could end up scratching and biting.
  • Neuter male cats, as they turn aggressive if unneutered.
  • Cats try to hide their injuries and sickness. They could bite you if you accidentally touch any injured part. Take your pet for a thorough check-up for any ailments or injuries.

Sometimes cats could be in an alert mode with flattened ears, tail lashing, growling, and hissing. Stay away from your cat during such periods, as they could hit and bite at anything moving around them.
Do not offer your fingers or toes as play things for young kittens. They would grow to learn these as toys and thereby bite you.

Stopping Your Cat from Biting

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