How to allow kitten to settle in properly

This is a hard thing to do perfectly because there are a lot of variables to consider as far as individual personalities are concerned in your kitten.  Let’s go through a few things that you need to remember for those first hours on that first day of your new kitten‘s family-based life.  This will make it a little easier.

Let Him Come Out At His Own Pace

Some kittens will bound out of the carrier in no time at all, wanting to explore and play and do all kinds of amazing things right away.  More often than not, though, your little baby will hide in the carrier anywhere from minutes to hours.  They need to work out whether or not it’s safe to leave their hiding spot, and you have to allow him the time to come out at his own pace to explore.  Trust that he will do what he wants to do when he’s ready.  Don’t shove him out or force him to move anywhere.

 Stay Calm And Don’t Approach Him

If he comes out while you’re in the room and starts to tentatively (or boldly) explore, allow him to do so and stay out of his way.  He knows you’re there and he’s trying to see whether you’re going to “hurt” him (that is, whether you’re going to come after him) or not.

You can watch him and even talk to him quietly if you want, but you have to stay still and calm and make sure that you allow him to do what he needs to do.  If he does approach you then you can let him sniff you and even climb all over you if he wants to.  Just go at the same pace as your kitten and don’t be discouraged if he is terrified of you at first.  Remember, he’s in a whole new world, and it’ll take him time to get used to that.

Allow Him To Explore

If your kitten does come up, and then runs away again to explore or play or even hide again, just let it happen.  He needs to adjust and learn and understand what’s going on, and you’re going to need to make sure that you help him by giving him the freedom to do what he wants to do.  Kittens are curious and love to explore and make a mess.

Enjoy the fun that comes from watching him do his own thing, and you’ll see that he’ll get more curious as time goes on, meaning he’s starting to adjust to his new and exciting space.

 Keep Family Members And Pets Away

One of the most important ways to help him adjust to his new home is to keep it calm and controlled.  So, keep family, friends, and especially pets away from his room.  If you’re in the room, you can send photos to everyone else.  If you aren’t in the room, you can keep an eye on him through a baby monitor or something similar like that.  The point is to refrain from throwing in more chaos.  He needs to see that his room is his safe space.

While each kitten is different, as mentioned, this will help the first day go as smoothly as possible.  Yes, it’s going to be hard to suppress the urge to cuddle and hug your kitten and chase him around and bring in lots of people, but you  need to wait.  This baby needs you to protect him from too much stimulation and chaos, and that’s your job as his pet-parent.

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