Common Cat Colors

Common Cat Colors

Cats come in a wide variety of breeds and colors. Here’s a picture of Common Cat Colors. Included many beautiful pictures of cats.


Common Cat Colors

Cat colors and combinations could be :


Common Cat Colors

Tabby cat

Tabbies are cats with stripes. This comes across as the original color of domesticated cat. Tabby patterns could be classic tabby, mackerel tabby, tickled tabby or spotted tabby. Classic tabby is the same as blotched tabby. It has bold patterns on the sides. Mackerel tabby has parallel narrow stripes on the sides, similar to a tiger. Tickled tabby does not have spots or stripes. It has tabby markings on the face and hair. A spotted tabby has large and small spots all over.
A blue tabby could have gray stripes on dark or light bluegray. A brown tabby could have black stripes on gray or a
brown color. A cream tabby has cream stripes on a pale cream color while a red tabby has orange stripes on a cream color.

Solids and Smokes

Common Cat Colors

Solids and Smokes cat

Solid color refers to almost the same color all over your cat’s body. Such solid colors are due to recessive gene that
suppresses tabby patterns. Solid blue is dark blue-gray all
over while solid black could be coal black or brownish black all over.

Cats with white markings

Common Cat Colors

Cats with white markings cat

Such cats could have smaller or larger white areas. Cats with a few white belly spots has buttons while a cat with a white spot on the chest has a locket. Cats with white paws is mitted while Van is an almost white color with a few patches on the tail and head. Bi-color is half-white while harlequin is white with large color patches. Tuxedo is a black and white combination with white color on the paws, chest, and belly.

Tortoiseshell, Patched Tabbies, and Calicoes

Common Cat Colors

Tortoiseshell, Patched Tabbies, and Calicoes cat

A random patch of different colors is a calico, tortie, or patched tabby. Tortoiseshell and white has a few white areas.
Calico has more white with large black or red tabby patches. A patched tabby could have a lot of white with patterned color patches.

Pointed (Siamese) Pattern

Common Cat Colors

Pointed (Siamese) Pattern cat

If your cat has a dark face, tail, and paws with lighter shading on the body it is a pointed cat. Although this is a characteristic of Siamese cats, other purebreds also share this color combination.


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