How to Chose the Best Cat for You

With or without a pedigree, long-haired or short-haired, male or female, kitten or adult cat–for every type of cat, there should be a different approach. When choosing a kitten or a cat, it is very important that you consider certain aspects of their lifestyle in order to obtain a cat that will be the best fit. Below are some questions that it would be desirable to ask yourself before making a decision to Chose the Best Cat for You for first time owners

Grown up cat or kitten?

Kittens tend to have more energy, are more curious and require more attention, while adult cats are generally quieter and prefer to curl up in a warm place. Adult cats can be the perfect pet for you if you are a person who likes to be sitting in the evening in front of the TV. Adult cats still have plenty of years ahead of him and can develop a character that will make them the ideal pet for you. Kittens can be a good choice if you have enough time to devote to them through play and interaction. Some older cats can suffer from the effects of stress due to the new kitten or another adult in the home. It is important to take into account the character of the existing pets in your home and their level of tolerance towards other animals. Consider purchasing a slightly older kitten or young adult cat that has already been properly socialized and will be easier to fit into your home.

It is very important if the household has children, that they completely understands how to properly treat a kitten. We suggest reading books about kittens before bedtime or joint viewing content related to this topic on the Internet. This will help all family members and cats to get used to each other. While long-haired cats bring a more exotic appearance, they require daily combing to avoid tangles and painful nodules. Shorthairs also require brushing, but not so often. Sometimes it is good to comb the hair sufficiently to remove dead hair and those hairs that are about to be dropped.

How to Chose the Best Cat for You?

The longhair Persian cats require careful attention to untangle comb every day. The hair is then brushed and ventilated. In short, prostrate hairs like those of Siamese cats need a lot of combing. Use a soft brush every week for medium length hair cats like Maine Coon cat, for example. The same applies to short coat with undercoat, as in the case of exotic shorthair cats. There are cats of different colors – plain colored (yellow, black, silver, cream, gray), with markings on the coat (tabby, calico or tortoiseshell), both types which are of variety of races, both domestic and purebred. Pedigree cat, born from pairing of individual cats selected by the breeders, and properly socialized brings guaranteed morphological criteria that are set out in the breed standard. The same is true for their main character traits. There is a selection of various cat breeds from elegant cats like Abyssinian cat, full of curves like British Shorthair, to majestic and peaceful, like the Maine Coon.

Different breeds of cats offer such diversity that really worth to gather detailed information about it. Felinology clubs, exhibitions and breeders are well placed to good information. Going to a cat show is an ideal opportunity to learn a lot about the diversity and beauty of all types of cats in one place, with a chance to talk live with the present breeders. When it comes to domestic cats, although it is difficult to know their ancestors, monitoring how they develop individual character traits has its advantages.

Cat Breed Information

In addition, by adopting a kitten of domestic cat, with a responsible ownership, you will participate directly in solving the problem of abandoned animals. And most importantly – save the life of a live being. Advice for future cat owners Although there is a well-known story about cats having nine lives, we will focus on how to keep your cat safe and healthy. In front of you are the answers to the questions with which every cat owner encounters, sooner or later. It is scientifically proven that cats can reduce stress and blood pressure of their owners.

If you decide to bring your cat to your home, be aware that they will be spending the next ten years with you. You have decided to buy or adopt a cat, but how to choose the right one? Siamese cats are known to be the loudest domestic cats and if you like peace and quiet, forget about them. Persian cats are demanding, because of their long hair. Kittens are cute and hard to resist, but keep in mind that it is easier to educate an adult cat. In the end, it all boils down to time, love and desire to indulge your pet.

It seems that every breed of cat can be the right choice, but only if you train it properly. Cats should not eat the same thing as you. Are you going to your cat to prepare meals or buy prepared foods intended for cats, it is your choice. It is important that the food is intended for cats, to avoid possible diseases, such as obesity or lack of certain vitamins. Cats are naturally curious and there is little chance that the little kitten will not find itself in a million of potentially hazardous situation. That is why you need to prepare the apartment before their arrival. It involves isolating jacks and cables, as well as making a careful selection of toys. A hank looks like the coolest toy for every cat; however, the ball of yarn can strangle a cat. In addition, if the cat eats a piece of wool, it may cause diarrhea or even vomiting. Going to the vet on regular basis is required; especially if you notice that the cat behaves differently.

Cats can spend a long and happy life, but only if you treat them properly. Nutrition and regular check of the ears, nose, and fur are prerequisites for your cat to be with you as long as possible. Follow the advices discussed in this eBook and your cat will become a very important part of your life.




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