Kitten in new house

Once you have a cat at home, you should think about its safety. Move into inaccessible places for him all household chemicals, paints, varnishes, and other toxic substances. Make sure that the windows are mosquito nets, especially if you have a high floor. Do not let a kitten unattended in the open balcony on the landing and into the street.

The first days of a kitten in the house should be full of attention and care, so it is better to coincide with his visit to the output. Try to keep all members of the family have paid him more care, caress. In a warm atmosphere, he quickly adapted and developed.   After bringing a kitten home to carry, do not remove it yourself! Put portability on the floor and open the door, let the cat alone will itself gradually begin to learn a new home.

Cat – a very curious animal. When meeting with a new kitten is sure to be a place to explore all the nooks and items of your home. Therefore, before we bring a kitten remove all sharp objects on which the kitten can get hurt.

Kitten can be a sad, lonely, scared the first day in a new place. Kitten in a new home can cry and yearn for my mother. He did not immediately understand where his toilet is, he will look for his mother and brothers-sisters. Kitten first day in the house often eats little, it is caused by stress and it is quite natural.

Do not panic about this, after a couple of days, it will return to the old appetite. Try to give him more attention in those first difficult days, in any case and for any actions do not scold, often talk to it, leads to the bowl with the food, pat him. Kitten almost immediately remembers his name, most importantly, all the time calling him a nickname and initially associate it with the feeding or games.

If the kitten was lost in an apartment – do not panic! Simply, he surveys his new territory, and probably fell asleep somewhere behind a sofa or armchair. So do not panic and look for him, he will be selected after a while because hungry or bored.   Very often the newly minted owners of cats are wondering how to leave the kitten a home? What to do, so he did not miss in our absence? If, for example, you have a full day at work and the kitten in the apartment there is one – take care that he had the necessary toys, leave a small amount of food and water for the day. Also, before you leave you need to clean out the tray. For such a situation, the kitten gets used too quickly, in the afternoon there will be more to sleep off the evening run to the door to meet you! Despite the common misconception, the cat is tied not only to the house, but also to the owner, too.

Kitten in new house


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